Brian Keith, C.M.T. Bodywork
Working with you to create balance in the body to optimize performance and feeling well.

To schedule outcalls with me, please use this website to select the length of time for the service based on where the massage location will occur. (Choosing the correct area, prevents services from overlapping and allots sufficient drive time for me.)

For scheduling with me at Equinox Frii's/Sat's, (Fri: 10am-2pm; Sat 11am-6pm) you may call the club at (650) 319-1700 to schedule an appointment with me there or you may text me and I'll contact the club to find out what's available, etc. to schedule you there. You may pay via credit card at Equinox's Spa Desk at the end of your appointment. If you are coming to me at the club, please let me know that you are coming to see me there through my website so that I can provide the correct discount for you and it will bring your service fees into alignment with what you've come to expect from me.

For descriptions of various modalities of massage offered, pricing/rates, and scheduling your appointments (including real-time availability), please view the page titled "Services, Rates, Scheduling, and Payment." (Prices listed are the total price of your service. I do not accept gratuities.)

Scheduling online is fast and easy! You can see my availability at a glance by selecting the type of service you desire. You'll see a calendar displaying my availability for each day, for the type of service you requested. (You can scroll to the following weeks as well.)

Because I operate a business and carry insurance, if you are seeing me in my business location or I am coming to your home, I am unable to work with you if you are unwilling to provide basic contact information and health-related questions provided on your initial intake form. Your information is kept private and confidential in compliance with HIPAA  requirements, and is not listed on any e-mail listserv.
And to quicken the process and limit paper useage, please use the online form to submit your basic information.

I look forward to meeting you in person and working together to obtain your goals, finding freedom from pain, and having optimal health in your body and life.

Brian Keith

Brian Keith, C.M.T. Bodywork


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